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Fan Video for 'This Is My Hand'

Watch the the fan video for 'This Is My Hand' below:

Hi dear ones,

Two years ago, I wanted to make a dance record, but I didn't know how to make dance music. For lots of reasons, I had disassociated with my body and so when I started to write, I wanted to begin at the beginning, which was simply to make a list of my body parts, as a dance, a ritual, a reclaiming song. I wanted this song to be for our tribe, and so we asked you to jump on Instagram and create a ritual together with us, of what each word in that list meant to You and YOU DID IT!!! We have seen so many amazing pictures of what your love, your sex, your shadows, your eyes, your hate, your hands mean to you and we FINALLY HAVE A VIDEO! Thank you director Raphael Neal for putting this together for us!!!