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Who is your muse?

Dear Ones, I’ve just released a new video for a song called, “Dorian.” Do you have a person in your life who is your forever Muse? An intersection with a person that defines your life? I'm calling that person(s) for me, "Dorian". Without one another we are points in time disconnected, but through love we make these Lines to one another.

♦️♦️♦️ ♦️♦️♦️

Midwest/Eastern US tour dates start this week! Come on out and Be Brave with us! and remember to subscribe on youtube 💫 !!

Sending you much warmth,



Another Chance Video

dear hearts, the Another Chance video is out now.

directed, shot & edited by DERRICK BELCHAM vocals SHARA NOVA drums EARL HARVIN keyboards VINCENT TAURELLE co-production THE TWILITE TONE D/\P mixed by ANDREW SCHEPS mastered by HELGE STEN AUDIO VIRUS LAB  

we are bringing the 🖤🖤🖤 to your city with tour dates aplenty.

in the meantime, please enjoy this Loving You playlist.

be brave and see you soon, Shara

LIVE FROM HERE w/ Chris Thile | Tour dates w/ Death Cab For Cutie

Dear Ones,

My Brightest Diamond will be joining the folks at Live From Here with Chris Thile this Saturday, January 12th for a very special live radio show that also features Mandolin Orange, Judy Gold and Gaby Moreno. The show is being recorded at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, MO and tickets are available HERE. The show will broadcast live across the United States and beyond at 5pm CST. You can find your local radio station HERE or stream the show at

And we are pumped to announce that Shara and band will support Death Cab For Cutie on a run of shows across the Southern United States. These fall right in between My Brightest Diamond headline shows on the West and East Coasts. All dates HERE.

Keep your eyes on Instagram & see you soon!

-Team MBD

Photo by Catalina Florea / @notcatpig

Photo by Catalina Florea / @notcatpig

New Album A MILLION AND ONE • Nov 23

Dear Ones,
After four long years we are finally ready to share news of A Million and One!!!  FINALLY!!!  What began as a conversation about bodies in 2014, in a ritual of self ownership with This Is My Hand, is expanding with the single "It's Me on the Dance Floor," a way of connecting to one's self through movement. If, like me, you don't dance, this one's for you!!  

Thank you so much for supporting me, as an indie artist, all along this musical journey. I hope to see you all on tour soon!!



New album A Million And One comes out on Rhyme & Reason Records November 23! LISTEN/PRE-SAVE/PRE-ORDER via your favorite music source HERE. "It's Me on the Dance Floor" premiered on Rolling Stone. Tour dates and ticket links here

For your own dance party inspiration, explore the Diamond on the Dance Floor Playlist on Spotify, curated by Shara and updated regularly.

Check out the brand new MBD Merch Store. Shirts, tanks, and a limited edition 7" featuring exclusive B-side "Another Chance".

My Brightest Diamond is excited to perform at the 2019 Noise Pop Festival on February 26 at San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop. More west and east coast US shows to be announced soon. Keep your eyes on Instagram.


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15.11 Copenhagen, DK
16.11 Hamburg, DE
17.11 Berlin, DE
18.11 Cologne, DE
20.11 Lille, FR
21.11 Orléans, FR
22.11 Dijon, FR
23.11 Paris, FR
24.11 Lyon, FR
26.11 Utrecht, NL
27.11 London, UK
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Onsale 22.06.2018 (local times) here


The Champagne EP is ready for you

Your maitre'du diamant has carefully selected a title track in two languages, two exquisitely prepared remixes and one precious pearl at the center.

Treat your eyes here and then begin your feast here.

On tour now across the US with Tune-Yards. Details on the Live page.

[… A Million And One coming later this year …]


Champagne (FR) Out Now!

After nearly three years of writing, here it is!! These songs feel at once both vulnerable and fierce, exploring hardships and rejection but with a fighter's spirit to persevere. I hope you enjoy the first single, Champagne (French version), out now. 

Cheers! 🥂

The Champagne EP is coming April 27th, but we pop the cork today with Champagne FR (en Français). For our English-speaking friends, the English version arrives alongside the Champagne EP released on 4/27. Listen to Champagne FR now via YouTube or SoundCloud.

MBD_Champagne FRENCH_Full_V1.jpg

Car Analogies?

After more than two years in the making, the new My Brightest Diamond album is just being finished, but before we unleash the recording, Shara Nova and drummer Aaron Steele are taking the new songs out for a test drive. For a few special shows over the next few months, the duo will be bringing the songs to live audiences for the first time. There might be a few bumps here and there on the road, but we hope to see you so that together we can expel, breathe, laugh and sweat it out on the dance floor.

Shara also recently composed music for The Blue Hour with Rachel Grimes, Caroline Shaw, Angélica Negron and Sarah Kirkland Snider. Commissioned by Boston-based A Far Cry orchestra, The Blue Hour is a song cycle written in collaboration between the five leading composers and features Grammy winning singer and songwriter Luciana Souza. The song cycle's libretto takes from the poem "On Earth" by Carolyn Forché, winner of the 2017 Windham-Campbell Prize. The project aims for immersive collaboration, collecting the efforts of the composers, performers and the orchestra in order to fully capture each artist's creative experience. In the project's mission statement, The Blue Hour seeks to enhance empathy through the perspective of a single human, in hopes that listeners will see our war-torn and poverty stricken world with greater clarity.  To listen to some songs that influenced Shara's writing, check out her playlist on Spotify.  

MBD Promo 2018.JPG

An Update...

On March 3rd, I legally changed my last name to Nova! I have experienced tremendous changes in my life during the last two years and I wanted a name to reflect the transformation, a name signifying light and rebirth. 
I like the Hebrew interpretation of my first name meaning "Song", and in Latin Nova meaning "New". Professionally I will continue to use My Brightest Diamond to indicate my band concept and then for my work as a singer and composer I will use my personal name. Now: Shara Nova!

To further embrace my next era, I've got a new gorgeous guitar that was made especially for me by the incredible Luke Jackson of Huron Guitars! This thing is a beauty and I can't wait to write more songs with her! Thank you, Luke!!! Much love to everyone. Here we go to the next blast of light!

- Shara

Photography Credit: Heather Nash

Photography Credit: Heather Nash

Fan Video for 'This Is My Hand'

Watch the the fan video for 'This Is My Hand' below:

Hi dear ones,

Two years ago, I wanted to make a dance record, but I didn't know how to make dance music. For lots of reasons, I had disassociated with my body and so when I started to write, I wanted to begin at the beginning, which was simply to make a list of my body parts, as a dance, a ritual, a reclaiming song. I wanted this song to be for our tribe, and so we asked you to jump on Instagram and create a ritual together with us, of what each word in that list meant to You and YOU DID IT!!! We have seen so many amazing pictures of what your love, your sex, your shadows, your eyes, your hate, your hands mean to you and we FINALLY HAVE A VIDEO! Thank you director Raphael Neal for putting this together for us!!!


Upcoming Show - Wanderlust Festival

California, we're not done with you yet!

On July 17th, catch Shara at #WanderlustFest in Squaw Valley.  (Plot twist: She's also conducting a 'How to Sing Better in the Shower' workshop before their set. Don't miss it!)

More information and tickets here!

NPR Music Premieres the new 'This Is My Hand (Groundlift Remix)' Video

"This is Shara Worden singing a Whitman-esque song of herself, while illustrating the ways it's actually a song for all selves. It's a showing and telling of the cosmos contained in all bodies, separate but universal as they are."

NPR Music is premiering the new video for "This Is My Hand (Groundlift Remix)" from the forthcoming EP "I Had Grown Wild", out May 19th. Watch it below and pre-order the new EP on iTunes to receive an instant download of the song.